Health is Wealth- 5 Health Tips

Here are 5 healthy tips why Health is considered Wealth.

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We often hear this term Health is wealth.

For a long time, I didn’t understand the significance of this statement. Or I should say that I had only a superficial understanding of this message. Recently, I had been to a doctor’s clinic for a consultation. This doctor had displayed several interesting statements about my health. One of them said Wealth can’t buy you health. But health can buy you wealth. How true! It is in this context that health can be compared to wealth. We can say good health is the foundation on which our life is built. Obviously, if the foundation is weak, the building will collapse.

Looking at this statement another way is health can be considered an asset we possess. We may have many assets like a house, a car, investments etc. But health is the most precious of all of them. The other assets will be useful to us only if the asset called health is solid. There is a proverb in Tamil, one of the ancient languages of India and of the world which says that you can do a painting only if there is a wall to paint on. We have millionaires and billionaires in this world whose state of health will not permit them to taste the food they love or to travel to the places they would love to visit. On the other hand, a poor man with a limited income will be able to savor his favorite dishes if he stays well and healthy.

But the surprising thing is that many people neglect to take care of their health. We have a tendency to take things for granted as long as everything is good. We will pay attention to anything only when there is a problem. Maintaining health is very important and if you fail to do so, you may end up with some problem.

Our blog is geared towards credit card issues and poor credit however, we can not leave out health as this is the most important aspect of life and getting treatment for curing an illness is something forced on us when we fail to do things for maintaining our health. The proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is more appropriate for health than for any other situation.

What can you do to maintain good health? Doing these 5 things will make living easy for you.

1. Control your diet

Controlling diet does not mean restricting eating. It simply means to apply your mind to what you eat. It is possible to choose a healthy diet and still eat well. include healthy choices to eat and limit foods that lack in substance. You can consult a nutritionist or a diet consultant or you can get information from a lot of books and websites on this subject matter.

2. Stay fit and exercise

You can keep fit by doing some exercises regularly. Making exercises a part of your life will alleviate the need for getting forced to do some specific exercises after you encounter a problem.

3. Get health insurance

If you do not have any at the moment. It is always best to get health insurance while we are healthy enough to make a decision. Most of us consider getting health insurance after an emergency, when an injury happens or, when we have been diagnosed with an illness. The great thing about health insurance is that it is not based on if you have poor credit. We need health insurance to ensure we stay healthy.

4. Have periodical check ups

Getting periodical health check ups will keep you informed of your state of health. You can take preventive steps depending on your health condition. Any problem can be detected early and treated easily by choosing to go for regular medical check up’s easily.

5. Mental Health

Many people suffer from mental health issues either from birth or trauma in their lives. No matter how bad the situation is, as long as you know where you are heading and what you are in for-nothing can ever stop you. Fall 10 times but get up 20 times. Always seek professional help if you find yourself in a slump for more than a week or so. You can find free mental health help online here. 

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