Credit card process

In this article, we want to talk about 2 things. Our first title will be about the working processes of credit cards. Our second title will be about credit card application processes. So in both ways we will give you information about the Credit card process.

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How credit card processing Works

Credit card process

For credit card payment, you first request credit card information from the customer. You can pay by using the magnetic stripe from the pos device or by using the online pos system. It is also possible to make collections with the touch pos device. All these transactions are made possible by a secure gateway created by the bank. This is the first way of Credit card process. Let’s review second way now!

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Credit card process of applications

When you apply for a credit card from any bank, do you wonder how you process the Credit card process? Let’s tell you right now. First of all, you are applying with the ways determined by the bank. When your application reaches the bank, the first evaluation is made and your credit score is checked first. If your credit note is eligible for a credit card, the first phase of your application is positive.

The Bank will request various documents from you in the meantime. These documents are usually standard. You can ask for an identification document, a monthly earnings certificate, documents of real estate and similar documents. After the documents are confirmed, your application is approved and your card’s printing process is started. Your card will be delivered to your address within 10 days from the date it is printed. After receiving your card, you may need to call the bank. We hope that in this article, two types of credit card process methods were explained in detail.

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