BBVA Optimizer Credit Card Worth It?

bbva optimizer credit card

BBVA Optimizer credit card is a credit card which you can get for bad credit. I will tell you if this card worth it or not on this page. You can get the card from BBVA Compass Bank. The card has many good opportunities for users. We investigated the card for you and we decided to publish some information about this useful credit card. If you would like to build credits or rebuild credits Optimizer Credit card is going to be an awesome opportunity for you.


BBVA Optimizer Credit Card Interest Rates

Purchase APR: 20.24%

Cash Advance APR: 29.24%

Balance Transfer APR: 20.24%

I can’t say that Purchase APR or Balance Transfer APR is very high. It is actually very good. If you will not cash advance with your card very much, current interest rates will be good for you. It will worth it to apply this card. Cash Advance APR is very high and if you are planning to cash advance with your card, this can be annoying for you.


Annual Fee: $40

Minimum Balance Transfer Fee: $10

Minimum Cash Advance Fee: $10

Maximum Balance Transfer Fee: 4%

Maximum Cash Advance Fee: 4%

Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%

Cash Advance and Balance Transfer fees are average for Credit Cards Center. CreditCards.Com believes 4% rates are high for fees. My own opinion is it is not very much because there are cards which asks you to pay about 5%. But 4% is still very high though when you do a small math about your expenses for cash advances and transfers. I also believe that minimum fees could be 5$. 10$ is also very high for minimum fee too. If you ever have BBVA Optimizer Credit Card, you will need to avoid from transfers and cash advances as much as you can.

Does it Worth It?

I can’t say that BBVA Optimizer Credit Card şs very bad and it is also very good. This is an average card for those who has bad credit score. If you avoid from cash advances and balance transfers, these can be a good credit card for you.

How to Apply Optimizer Credit Card?

You will need to do the following to apply this card:

  • You need to live one of these states for applying this card: New Mexico, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Colarado.
  • You will need to call 1-800-266-7277.
  • Or you will need to visit a branch of the bank.

I took all interest rates, fees and rewards from BBVA Optimizer Credit Card page of Credit Card Center which also provide credit cards for bad credit opportunities to consumers.

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